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Importance of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

Importance Of Spaying And Neutering Your Pet At Watertown Animal Hospital, PC In Watertown, CT

Spay & neuter services are commonly offered and recommended by our veterinarians at Watertown Animal Hospital, PC in Watertown, CT. Why are these procedures so important? Read on to find out!

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What Is Spaying and Neutering?

Spaying and neutering both refer to "fixing" your pets so they will be unable to produce more offspring. Neutering is the process for male animals, which involved surgical removal of the testicles, while females are spayed by removing the fallopian tubes and uterus.

Benefits of spay or neuter? 

One obvious benefit of having your pet spayed or neutered is that they will be unable to produce offspring, which you may not be prepared to care for. Even if your pet is male, it could impregnate another animal, and their offspring could suffer from hunger and health issues, especially if they are strays.

Spaying a cat, for example, can reduce her yowling when she is "in heat." Similarly, neutering your pet can reduce him from spraying to claim territory and save your home and furniture from urine. These procedures often have positive benefits as pets are less aggressive and less likely to roam once they've been sterilized. Spaying and neutering can also have health benefits for your pets. For example, female pets are less likely to suffer from uterine and breast cancers once they are spayed. Neutering your male pet can prevent an enlarged prostate gland or testicular cancer in the future.

When to spay or neuter

As you can see, it's important to get your pet spayed or neutered, but timing is important. You'll need to wait until your pet is old enough: between six and nine months for puppies or eight weeks for kittens. Some pet owners prefer to wait until their pet has had one litter if they plan to breed.

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