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Why Spay or Neuter your Pet?

Why Spay or Neuter your Pet at Watertown Animal Hospital?

Did you know that over 3 million dogs and cats are destroyed each year in shelters and pounds across the country? The surprising thing is that most of these animals are unwanted, a situation that every pet owner can help to remedy. At Watertown Animal Hospital, PC, we recommend that all of our patients be spayed or neutered in their first year to prevent unwanted litters. Preventing unwanted puppies and kittens is an important reason for having your pet neutered or spayed, but that's not the only one.why spay and neuter your pet with your veterinarian in watertown

Local Veterinarians Talk about Spaying and Neutering

Lowering the number of unwanted dogs and cats in our communities is an important goal, but that's just the beginning of the reasons for having your pet sterilized. You may not even think your pet needs to be spayed or neutered. After all, it's an inside pet, so why bother? In reality, all local veterinarians agree that dogs and cats can slip under fences, dart out of open doors or even run through gates that are accidentally left open. You can't predict what a pet will do when faced with the opportunity to run free for the day. Spaying or neutering will prevent this situation from turning into a larger problem with an unwanted litter.

In addition to your own problem with puppies and kittens, spaying and neutering saves communities millions of dollars each year. Lowering the number of stray and feral animals cuts down on city services needed for shelters, animal control officers and even clean up from animal droppings. 

Veterinarian Gives Medical Reasons for Spaying and Neutering

Besides the social reasons for having your pet sterilized, there are also a wide variety of health reasons why it's best to have your pet neutered or spayed. 

  • Sterilized pets live longer lives, because of a variety of  benefits
  • Spaying and neutering prevents many forms of cancer, including breast and testicular
  • Neutered males will be safer because they won't be as apt to roam

In short, our veterinarians all agree that spaying and neutering dogs and cats result in longer, healthier and happier lives for both the pets and their owners.

Looking for a Veterinarian near Watertown, CT? Contact Watertown Animal Hospital Today!

We can safely spay or neuter your pet as early as 8 weeks old, as long as it weighs at least two pounds. If your dog or cat is still intact, contact our veterinarian near Watertown, CT at 860-274-2212 for an appointment today.


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