Pet Dental FAQs

Not many pet owners realize the importance of pet dental care. Providing your furry animals’ with proper dental care brings about many benefits, including healthy oral hygiene. If your pets require a dental checkup, or if they are suffering from oral issues, contact Watertown Animal Hospital, PC in Watertown to make an appointment with our vets for an assessment. Here are some frequently asked questions about dental problems in pets, including some information about how a trip to our animal emergency hospital can help.

Pet Dental FAQs

What Happens When A Pet's Teeth Aren't Cared For?

Plenty of things that can occur if you don’t regularly clean your companion animals’ teeth. They can suffer from a buildup of tartar and plaque on the surface of the teeth. This can eventually push its way under the gumline, covering portions of the teeth that are not visible. When this happens, gingivitis may occur. Gingivitis is a painful condition that causes inflammation on the gums, which can lead to tooth loss if not taken of. Other possible problems that may occur include:

    • Red or bleeding gums
    • Problems with chewing
    •  Excessively drooling
    • Tooth loss or decay
    • Broken teeth

What Can I Do To Prevent Harmful Oral Diseases?

At home, prevention of tooth decay can be done with routine brushings of your pets’ teeth. Many animals will shy away from the process at first, but in time, they will get used to having their teeth brushed. You can use a meat-flavored toothpaste to help if you have difficulty cleaning their teeth. You can also purchase dental treats or chews for your four-legged friends to help ward off tartar and plaque. Make sure to check your furry friends’ teeth for signs of cracking, sharp edges, or decay. Also look at their gums for bleeding or swelling. If any of these are noticed, make an appointment with our vets right away for an evaluation.

How Can Your Veterinarian Help With My Pet’s Dental Problem?

Our veterinarians can conduct a comprehensive dental examination and check for signs of oral issues. If a problem is noticed, your vet will make recommendations regarding the treatment necessary to remedy it properly. During a dental exam, your practitioner will clean the teeth thoroughly and use equipment to scale away tartar and plaque from the surfaces of teeth. Your vet will also provide you with a demonstration on the proper way to brush your pet's teeth if necessary.

If your pets are dealing with an animal emergency, or if you would like to have their teeth cleaned, contact Watertown Animal Hospital, PC in Watertown to make an appointment with our vets. Call our animal hospital today at 860-274-2212


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