Pet Diagnostics and Blood Work

Pet Diagnostics and Blood Work with Watertown Animal Hospital

When your pet is sick it can be difficult to find the right care and it can be hard to find the source of their pain. For those looking for a great vet, Watertown Animal Hospital, CT, can help you to find the right diagnosis for your pet and can get to the root of the problem.


What is Pet Diagnostics For?

When pets get sick they exhibit symptoms that are noticeable but you may not know what is causing the symptoms. Though you might not know the source our veterinarians offer diagnostics to find the precise treatment for your pet. Diagnostic care can be range from a brief evaluation or physical exam of your pet. For those that have a pet that needs diagnostics, getting your pet examined can help prevent future issues or further illness.

What is Pet Bloodwork?

Bloodwork is often taken in conjunction with other diagnostic tests. Bloodwork will portray a full evaluation of your pet’s overall health. It is common for pets to get their bloodwork done at the annual checkup. Bloodwork may also be taken to diagnose specific illnesses or address any concerns you have. Bloodwork can help to diagnose illnesses, identify deficiencies,  pinpoint the cause of specific symptoms, and help you discover what your pet and needs. Once bloodwork is completed, we will debrief you on our findings and relay any recommendations to keep your pet in good health.

Premier Bloodwork and Diagnostics Visit Us

For visits that are to address illness or simply for annual, your pet will be given the premier treatment. When running diagnostic tests and gathering bloodwork, we will provide your pet with calming and adequate care.  In most cases, one of our veterinarians will help you to find the exact types of tests your pet needs and recommend what your pet does need to have done to make sure that they are to be healthy and that all their issues are cared for.  Rest assured we are going to help you to find the best course of action for treatment, preventative care during annual visits, and that not only the furry friends are happy but you as a client feel at ease.

For the top pet care in the Watertown area, call us at (860) 274-2212. Here we run routine exams that keep your pet healthy. We worry about your pets, so you don’t have to.   


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "The staff is wonderful. We brought Otis, a very large 4 yr old Rottie there for an ACL/miniscus surgery. Everything was successful. We just brought him for his final follow up and all is good. This big guy has no manners and no sense of personal space except for his own space, but he loves the receptionists and vet techs there, and they love him. Nothing but good things to say about Watertown Veterinary Hospital."
    Michael J Braccia
  • "watertown animal hospital has the most caring and patient staff and Dr. Price is amazing with my sphynx cat Raisin. i can't say enough about this facility!"
    Erica Papa