General Surgery

Seeking an animal hospital for a general surgery provides your pet with solutions for specific health concerns. Veterinarians in our clinic recognize the importance of proper veterinary care and we offer surgical procedures to help your pet stay healthy.

What to Expect When a Pet Goes into Surgery

When your pet goes into a surgery, you want to take measures to keep your animal calm. Generally, a veterinarian explains the process to pet owners and ensures that you understand the possible risks of the specific procedure. Your pet may receive anesthesia to stay asleep throughout the procedure, but we determine the exact options based on your pet's health. 

Expect a veterinarian to ask questions about your pet's health and previous history with treatments. You should also inform a surgical professional about any allergies that may cause concerns during a procedure. 

Veterinary Surgery We Offer

The veterinary surgery we offer depends on your pet's specific needs and health. General surgery focuses on common treatments to help with your pet's health and well-being. 

Common procedures we may recommend include:

  • Spaying or neutering a pet
  • Removing masses, such as removing a tumor or cancer cells
  • Dental cleanings and related procedures
  • Treatments for wounds and lacerations, which is also called emergency care
  • Gastrointestinal or urinary bladder procedures
  • Specialized orthopedic procedures through referrals or bringing in a specialist

In our clinic, veterinarians recognize the importance of acting quickly in an emergency situation or when your pet experiences pain. We provide surgical care for emergencies or unexpected concerns, as well as planned procedures to improve your pet's health or address a specific concern.

Pet Care Before and After Surgery

Pet care before the surgical procedure differs by surgery. We may recommend fasting before the procedure and not giving your pet any food on the morning of the surgical procedure. Our recommendations for the duration of a fast depend on the procedure as well as your pet's age. We may suggest feeding young pets and schedule an appointment at a later time of the day for their health.

After the surgical procedure, allow your pet to rest for a few days. Your pet may act tired or lethargic during the first 24 hours after a procedure, so he or she needs time away from family and exercise. A veterinarian may recommend a reasonable amount of time for rest after evaluating your pet's health, condition, and the surgical procedure. You also want to pay attention to any signs of an infection. We may recommend medications for your pet to prevent infections or limit the risks to your pet from the procedure. Follow any specific instructions provided by a veterinarian to prevent health concerns after a procedure.

Anesthesia Safety from Veterinarians in Watertown, CT

Veterinarians at Watertown Animal Hospital provide anesthesia for many surgical procedures. In our clinic, we pay attention to your pet's age, weight and changes to his or her health when determining the appropriate amount of anesthesia for a procedure. We may ask questions to verify your pet's health and ensure that he or she does not have any allergies that may cause complications during a procedure. In most cases, the anesthesia is safe for your pet and we have precautions against health risks during a surgical procedure.

Surgery plays an important role in your pet's health and long-term well-being. To learn more about the surgical procedures we offer or to set up an appointment, contact us at 860-274-2212 today.


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  • "The staff is wonderful. We brought Otis, a very large 4 yr old Rottie there for an ACL/miniscus surgery. Everything was successful. We just brought him for his final follow up and all is good. This big guy has no manners and no sense of personal space except for his own space, but he loves the receptionists and vet techs there, and they love him. Nothing but good things to say about Watertown Veterinary Hospital."
    Michael J Braccia
  • "watertown animal hospital has the most caring and patient staff and Dr. Price is amazing with my sphynx cat Raisin. i can't say enough about this facility!"
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