Preventative Care

Pet owners can choose from a range of preventative care services for a beloved pet. Your Veterinarians at Watertown Animal Hospital in Watertown, CT offer compassionate care and expert diagnosis and treatment of cats, dogs, and other companion pets at their animal hospital. Learn more about the preventative care services available at Watertown Animal Hospital.

Dog and cat playing on a couch after preventative care in Watertown, CT.

Why Is Preventative Care Necessary?

Responsible pet owners bring their pets in for a range of preventative care services, including regular pet wellness exams, vaccinations and microchipping, to keep their pets healthy and address early signs of illness or injury. Scheduling such pet care services at a local animal hospital supports the needs of a pet through the various stages of their life. In addition, addressing illness or injury early on can often provide optimal outcomes for a beloved pet. Speak to a veterinarian at Watertown Animal Hospital to discuss the preventative care services recommended for the age and breed of your pet.

What is Preventative Care?

Preventative care services are an affordable way to maintain the health of a beloved pet. Preventative care services at Watertown Animal Hospital include:

Kittens, puppies, adult and senior cats and dogs need to have to change health requirements met. Vaccinations and parasite control are necessary to prevent fleas, ticks and other parasitic organisms from causing illness to pets and potentially to their owners. Older animals often have differing dietary needs from those of young kittens and puppies. Scheduling a pet wellness exam offers an opportunity for a pet owner to discuss the specific needs and concerns they may have with an experienced veterinarian and their staff.  

How Can Pet Wellness Exams Benefit Your Pet?

A veterinarian will check on the health of a pet during a pet wellness exam. Veterinarians are specially trained to be able to identify early signs of illness or a potential concern in a pet, based on breed, age, and medical history. During a pet wellness exam, specific tests may be used to check on health concerns or conditions. It is recommended that all pets receive an annual pet wellness exam.

Pet owners are encouraged to bring in a pet for their initial wellness exam at approximately eight weeks of age. During the first year of a pet’s development, three additional checkups will be scheduled. After a pet’s immune system is well-established, a pet may come in annually. Pets that are six or seven years of age will be seen twice a year to address any concerns that may develop as they age.

How Can Pet Insurance Help Pet Owners?

Many pet owners take advantage of pet insurance to pay for preventative and emergency services. There are times when a pet may require immediate veterinary care and pet insurance may pay for some if not all of the associated costs. Discuss the application process and what pet insurance covers with a team member at Watertown Animal Hospital.

Preventative Care from Our Local Veterinarians near Watertown, CT

Pet owners looking for compassionate preventative and veterinary care trust their veterinarians near Watertown, CT at Watertown Animal Hospital, PC. Licensed veterinarians, Dr. Steven Price and Dr. Priscilla Kerbin and their associates offer a range of pet care services to keep pets healthy and address serious illness or injury. The full-service animal hospital offers services including medical, dental, surgical, emergency and preventative care. Contact Watertown Animal Hospital, PC veterinarians at 860-274-2212 to schedule an appointment for a preventative care service today. 


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